Jul 14

2 hours with Ortelius

It is been a while I did not explore a new software. So, I spent approximately 2 hours for something new during free time. I tried drawing software for map design called Ortelius. I was interested to try the software because the name taken from one of history’s most prominent cartographers, Abraham Ortelius. The software designed for Mac Os X Snow Leopard or later.

First of all, I downloaded the trial version from here. Then, I directly use through my MacBook Pro. When I opened it, I have got a good impression to the software. Nice look..!. Moreover, the software is also provides map templates. So, If you want to create a map composition (layout) by country or world regions, the software already provide it. Furthermore, there are also exercises & demos. If you are familiar with graphic software such as adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, corel draw etc, Ortelius is easy to understand.That was my second impression. The vendor is also provide online tutorial for user. Click click click and after a while, here my result:


click the map for enlarge

On the whole, the software is good and I think it can be an option for map design. That’s all my 2 hours. However, I am not yet explore the symbol although the software also provide it. I saw nice emoticons inside of this software..!

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